Deep Dive Session

2 hour session, £155

  • Purpose to unravel a current challenge
  • Outcome to gain greater understanding, resolve and healing
  • supporting you in deepening your relationship with self
  • in person or zoom
  • Ad hoc (no regular commitment required)
We work together to unravel what’s troubling you, to gain clarity and bring about the energetic shift required to change your experience of the situation.  

Empowerment Coaching,

over 12 weeks, 1:1 support


  • 6 or 12 bespoke sessions over 12 weeks
  • Sessions are a combination of talking therapy and reiki healing sessions
  • Messenger support available in between sessions
  • Welcome gift
  • In person or via zoom
  • Payment plans for coaching are available upon request

How will we work together……

We do this by you sharing what has brought you to the space

We tune into the wisdom of your body and the feelings that are present

We connect with the old wounds, that are clouding your experience present day

Allowing those parts to be heard and witnessed 

Gaining a sense of peace and acceptance of the situation

The result is an energetic shift from being in the midst of the chaos, to standing back and observing from a place of clarity and calm


1 hour, £60

Working monthly or twice monthly whatever is required.  I work in a way that is similar to my therapeutic model  drawing out the therapists strengths and wisdom in support of their client work.

I list below some common areas I support clients through.  Please know I welcome whatever you need to bring:

♦ Healthy relationships with yourself and others
♦ Self-worth
♦ discovering your needs
♦ Understanding your story
♦ Limiting and destructive behaviours
♦ perfectionist tendencies
♦ Kindness and compassion for yourself
♦ Becoming your own best friend/your inner champion
♦ Hush the inner voice of the judge and critic
♦ Depression / anxiety / worry / fear
♦ Learn to be with difficult emotions/feelings
♦ Imposter syndrome
♦ Healthy Self-care ritual
♦ Worrying what others think
♦ Understanding spiritual self
♦ Law of attraction/spiritual awareness
♦ Unhelpful habits / relationships e.g. food, alcohol
♦ Saboteur behaviours

However, you choose to work with me I offer a bespoke space for you to discover who you truly are.

There is no right or wrong way to work with me I encourage you to go with what you feel drawn too and if you are not sure which way feels right you are welcome to make contact for us to discuss.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Warmest regards


Empowerment Coach, Counsellor & Reiki Master Teacher


0771 301 8264

Empowerment Coach, Counsellor & Reiki Master Teacher

0771 301 8264

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