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Lighthouse Therapies – Privacy Policy

In line with European General Data Protection Regulations, and as a professional registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office, I am obliged to share the following information regarding how your data is stored:

What Information do I hold?

As a therapist in private practice I collect, all or some of, the following information: client name, address, phone number, email address, date of birth, GP details, next of kin name and telephone number and client session notes.

What I do with your information?

The information you provide me when we contract to work together is stored securely as a paper or electronic record. Current client’s names, email addresses and phone numbers are stored on my email account, and phone numbers are stored on my mobile phone. Both of which are password protected.

I will use your phone number, email or address to contact you regarding appointments and to reply to you if you make contact with me.

In respect of Reiki teaching I may use the client email address to contact them regarding workshops and to reply to them if they have made contact.

The use of client notes is to refresh my understanding between sessions.   Your name and address will not appear on the session notes; you will be identified in a manner which affords you anonymity. The notes will be stored in a secure lockable cabinet as a paper record.

Names and phone numbers of current clients will be shared with my Supervisor(s) in the event of my death/sudden/prolonged absence from work, for the purpose to fulfil my professional will and to ensure the continuation of care of my client’s. These details are destroyed at the end of working together.

I will not share your data with a third party unless you ask me to, or unless obliged to by a court of law. In this unlikely event I would endeavour to inform you first.

How long do I store your information?

Your information is destroyed 7 years after we stop working together. If you are under 18 when we commence working together your information will be destroyed 7 years after your 18th birthday. These will be securely destroyed.

I have understood the above privacy policy.

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Empowerment Coach, Counsellor & Reiki Master Teacher


0771 301 8264

Empowerment Coach, Counsellor & Reiki Master Teacher

0771 301 8264

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