The sounds of the ocean………..

Give yourself permission to pause from life, if only briefly, to allow the sound of the ocean to soothe you, bringing about feelings of peace, calmness and tranquility into your day.  It can be extremely nourishing to allow yourself to connect with the sounds and places that you feel nourish you.  The ocean has tremendous potential to change the feelings in your body at any moment.  The wonderful thing about our minds is you don’t actually have to be at the ocean.  By watching a short video clip, looking at pictures or a movie with images of beaches, sunshine, waves, woodlands – basically whatever nourishes you  – these images trick your mind into feeling the beneficial effects as if you are actually there.  Don’t take my word for it try this out for yourself on a regular basis and notice your mind body spirit respond.

If you are a therapist, yoga teacher, pilates teacher looking for relaxation scripts, you may wish to have a look at ‘The Ultimate Guided Relaxation Collection – volume 1’.  This Amazon No.1 Best Seller is a collection of meditations, relaxations, hypnotherapy scripts and story metaphors which I am proud to say I contributed to.

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