– Reiki first degree


Reiki first degree level is learnt over 2 days where you are given 4 attunements which connect you to the universal energy. During the training you are taught the origins of Usui Reiki, how to do a treatment on yourself and others, how to use reiki to bring about healing and the change you desire in your life.


– Reiki second degree


Reiki second degree is learnt over 2 days where you are given 2 attunements which greatly increases the flow of energy through your system. This level is about your mental and emotional healing. You are taught and given opportunities to practise the absentee healing process; which allows you to send healing back to difficult times in your life, energy forward to support you and energy to others. There will be plenty of time for in depth discussion on how this energy can be used for personal growth.


– Reiki master practitioner


Reiki master practitioner is for those who are serious about working on their own personal development and self-mastery without the responsibility of being a teacher. At this level you receive two powerful master attunements and shown the master symbol which can be used for healing and transformation. At this level there is a tendency for unresolved issues to come up, the more practise you can do at Reiki II level the more this will assist with the healing process.


– Reiki levels 1 – 3 prices above are for class teaching, if you would prefer 1:1 training contact me to discuss.

– Reiki Master Teacher Training – POA / 12-18-month mentored tuition

– Reiki Master Teacher Training 

The level is if you wish to teach reiki to others.  This teacher training is the traditional way where you learn as an understudy, sitting in on classes, learning how to run a class through practical experience. Alongside, strong emphasis on your own personal development and spiritual  evolution.

Personal Investment –  POA

– Reiki Development group


This group will appeal to you if you would like to expand on the reiki skills and knowledge you already have.

It offers a dedicated space for support and nurturing, where you can deepen your awareness of using reiki and the potential it has in bringing about change and growth in your lives.  Where you can get to know yourself, learn to meet your own needs, heal and grow.

Discovering how to integrate reiki into your daily lives, deepening your connection with the energy, and becoming aware of any resistance in using reiki.

The commitment from you will be in attending two groups per month, and an opportunity to have a one to one 40 minute session with myself.

Personal investment £45 per month


– Virtual Reiki Shares


I have been running face to face reiki shares since 2009. In March 2020 as a result of COVID-19 I moved these to virtual reiki shares via zoom twice a month. These are a great opportunity to connect with others who do reiki from the comfort of your own home.

During a share we do a short meditation, send healing as a group to those who have requested energy, and you also have an opportunity to receive healing yourself.

Annual fee of £10


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