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Dear Pam,

I would like to say how much I enjoyed the retreat! I wasn’t sure what to expect but the morning certainly exceeded my expectations!

The location was perfect! 

The Tashi Centre felt very warm, welcoming and nurturing space. Perfect!

I’m not sure how to fully convey how I felt about the retreat so it may get a little jumbled from here on!

You were amazing! I’m not just throwing these words out there – you actually were! 

You were professional yet ‘human’, extremely knowledgeable with just the right amount of content (in my opinion) and some excellent resources! 

I felt that you offered a very safe space to all on the course with no pressure or expectations! What I REALLY liked was how, if we did contribute to the group, you offered a very genuine and personal response! I loved it and felt really heard! You were also more than willing to share some of ‘you’ which really helped me feel connected within the group!

There is no doubt (in my mind) that you have chosen the right path in offering these retreats!

The content of the morning has certainly given me some food for thought and I have felt a little ‘spark’! I feel that I do need to make some changes but first I need to find some ‘space’ to think about how I can create more space to welcome in any changes that are right for me! 

All in all Pam, an amazing retreat sharing the space with some wonderful ladies and of course, you guiding us through! 

Caroline x

“I really enjoyed the last session. After such a busy couple of weeks it was nice to have time to just ‘be’ and relax. It’s amazing how reflection and journalling can help make sense of things going on in your life. Really felt like a weight had been lifted from my shoulders. Thanks for creating a wonderful space with such lovely like minded people 🥰. “

C  xx


“Hi Pam, thank you so much  for holding such a great space at the retreat, it was a wonderful experience and I really found it beneficial. Such a lovely group, I’ll definitely come to another!!”

Karen x


“The absolute best time this morning at Lighthouse Therapies reiki retreat with Pamela Gilvear. Lots of fear, sadness, peace . love, grounding, compassion, vulnerability and most importantly reiki!!! Thank you to all of the wonderful women in the group today and most importantly to Pam for holding suc an incredibly healing space.”

Gemma x


“Thank you, Pamela, for your patience and understanding, and for applying your extensive knowledge and numerous skills, to transform me into the confident and happy person I am today.  My husband is extremely grateful too!”



My journey with Pam!

In 2011 I knew nothing of Reiki until two books on it fell off my book shelf. Two days later Pam popped up in front of me on a website offering Reiki classes!

I did Reiki 1 and 2 with Pam and have just completed Reiki 3 Master level. I cannot recommend Pam enough. She is extremely knowledgeable, caring, kind, patient and has a wonderful way of teaching – I would highly recommend Pam. I learnt so much about myself ! Thank you Pam x

I have completed Pams reiki classes in levels 1 , 2 and master . She is an amazing teacher her courses are both inspirational and enlightening . I would highly recommend her training to anyone. Your life will be changed forever for the better. xx

Krista Gasston

My reiki journey began in 2011 with Pam. I completed level 1 and that was as far as I wanted to go, however I was hooked. I have recently completed my training and I am now a Reiki Master Teacher. I have learnt a tremendous amount about myself with Pam’s support and guidance. I would highly recommend Pam.

Rebecca Sims

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