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I know everyone has the potential within them to bring about change. My passion is supporting others in deepening  their relationship with self and discovering what ‘lights them up


A very warm welcome to Lighthouse Therapies.

What I offer is all about you!  However, it feels important to share with you a bit about me so you get a sense if I am the right therapist for you.

Over the past two decades through my own journey of self-discovery I have gotten to a place where I can fundamentally see life is happening for me rather than to me, this realisation shifted something profound for me.

This doesn’t mean my life is void of struggles or suffering!

It doesn’t mean I always like what’s happening!

I acknowledge my humanness and I acknowledge my spiritual self in all I experience.

I have learned over the years that  when life throws a curve ball or 2 if I can meet myself with kindness and compassion this supports me greatly. Supporting me in not getting stuck in a ‘poor me’ space and helps me get back into the flow of my life.

This way of approaching life is at the core of how I work.

To get to this space I have delved deep, discovered my story and healed wounds.  The discoveries I have made along this path have allowed me to transform many relationships and areas of my life.   Where limitations and restrictions were stopping me living the life I wished to lead.

This is where I am now and it all started back in 2005 whilst I was working in Human Resources.  On paper it was a great job but I just wasn’t feeling it.  Looking back now I can see it was the start of me realising that I had outgrown this chapter.

It was at this time I embarked on my Reiki journey, which led me to expand my thinking around universal energy,  soul led living and what being spiritual meant to me.   I had a sense there was more to life than what I could tangible see.

Throughout the different trainings I embarked on I learnt to connect with myself on a deep level, cultivating a daily practice of going within and meditating.  This allowed me to become the observer noticing where I wasn’t being honest with myself, what I was putting up with and where my life was out of balance.

I have a passion for learning and I am fully committed to my Continual Professional Development.  I am a member of NCPS (National Counselling and Psychotherapy Society) of which I am an Accredited Registered Member abiding by their code of ethics.

I am an experienced counsellor / psychotherapist having worked in private practice since 2014, and many charitable organisations and EAP’s.

I absolutely know I can only take my clients to the places I am willing to go to and for this reason I am incredibly passionate and committed to my own spiritual journey –  I walk my talk!

I completely respect the uniqueness each client brings.  I am humbled and honoured when I am chosen to walk alongside a client for part of their journey.

I know the journey of self-discovery, healing and growth is a lifelong commitment. When I have experienced challenges, I have found it invaluable to have a therapist to walk with me.  It’s not that you can’t do it on your own it’s just easier and kinder to have an experienced professional support you.

This is why I am passionate about working with those who are committed to living authentically.

All I require you to bring is an openness, courage and commitment to walk this path and to allow your truths to unfold.

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Warmest wishes


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